Design Academy Eindhoven, 2018

A speculative scenario that proposes a new morning ritual: harvesting and applying saliva to repair broken skin. In many contexts saliva has sexual or repulsive connotations, by taking a scientific approach, ‘Drool’ moves away from this.  

Saliva is produced in 3 different glands located in or near the jaw, the main role of saliva is to break down food in order to help digestion. It is an automatic reaction and a self-produced fluid with its own characteristic texture and smell. Saliva is constantly being swallowed and re-absorbed, effectively the body recycles it. Saliva's flow rate is around 30ml per hour – more while eating and less while sleeping.


There is a vast difference between morning and day-time saliva especially when it comes to the kind of bacteria that exists.  Studies have proven that morning saliva contains a specific kind of bacteria that promotes skin regeneration. This bacteria is swallowed throughout the day and is only present on an empty stomach in the morning.  Since swallowing-frequency is low during the night, these bacterias are not swallowed keeping the cells alive until the morning.

Microscopic images of saliva courtesy TU Eindhoven Lab.

LEFT: morning sample exhibiting live cells that promote skin regeneration 

RIGHT: evening sample with almost non-exist cells

‘Drool’ aims to invite the user to consider the possibility of applying saliva as part of a new morning ritual. Consequently encouraging the user towards a conscious balance and connection with the body through saliva.