Design Academy Eindhoven, 2018

A visual narrative showcasing humanity's fractured 

relationship with nature. If plants become extinct, would it then trigger a more harmonious co-existence, or only make it worse?


In collaboration with Eva Jack. 

In order of appearance


Grafting is a horticulture technique in which plant tissues are combined and grown as one. It has been practiced since 2000BC in China but now the technology is more prevalent than ever with the desire to create fusions between edible, flower-bearing and ornamental plants. Resultantly, plants are now gaining values far beyond their natural level. There are now specialised laboratories across Istanbul working in this field, refining and innovating their hybridisation methods.


Formerly a pragmatic act, plant care has evolved to become a far more ritualistic practice. It has been scientifically proven that body to plant contact via massage can heal damaged leaves, certain frequencies of music can create pleasure for plants and the chemical compounds found in blood, sweat and tears rapidly boost growth. Future Savings employees are trained and obligated to perform these rituals regularly.


While the majority of plants are now under official ownership of Future Savings some small underground growers are still in operation throughout the city. These individuals seek to undermine the system and unlawfully grow and disperse seeds. The authorities remain on high alert, trying to intercept and crack down on suspicious activity. However, the growers are high skilled and discreet in their actions.

Exhibited at Istanbul Design Biennale 2018.